Feel free to discuss your experiences on your heart procedures.  This patient forum is designed for open discussion.  You can discuss anything from bedside manner to horror medical stories.

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      The Cardiologist Blog is a place for me to share experiences.  These may be patient experiences that I found unique, some difficult challenges , saddening, or plain old interesting. The Cardiologist Blog is a forum for patients to allow perspectives from a doctor's point of view and to share thoughts and ideas.  Patients are more than welcome to ask me questions regarding their own care in general or specific.  I welcome discussion and thoughts. If you are new to the Cardiologist Blog, please note you must register before posting comments or ideas.   Thank you for visiting my forum and blog.
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    • Doctor bedside manner
      Doctor bedside manner is by far one of the most important images a patient engrains in their brain.  You may have the worst doctor in the world, but if his bedside manner charms you, the patient believes they are the best doctor they know.  On the flip side, a doctor with poor bedside manners may be the best at what he does; if patients do not like they way you carry yourself you will be the "worst doctor ever."  Doctor bedside manner is as important as carrying the knowledge to care for patients.  I am a strong proponent of good bedside manner.  There is no sense in caring for a patient if you plan to treat them like they do not matter.  We doctors have to be understanding and caring.  Yes, there may be bad days and good days for everyone.  However, patient's are sick.  They deserve better than normal treatment especially while in the hospital. The same holds true for how doctors carry themselves in the hospital.  I do not see the sense in treating nurses, secretaries, ancillary staff in an ill way.  The doctor bedside manner term should extend to colleagues and supporting staff.  We were always taught in medical school to treat your nurses like your best friend because they can make your life miserable!  It seems however that when doctors begin practicing as attending physicians, they forget this.  Full support for great doctor bedside manner - today, always, in sickness and in health!
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    • Catheterization, Coronary angiogram, angiogplasty, stenting
      Coronary angiogram is a procedure used to look into the arteries that supply the heart with blood.   For a more detailed description on the procedure, its risks, and preparation, please visit Coronary Angiogram.  This is a patient forum for cardiac patients to ask questions and read about other people's experiences with coronary angiograms (also known as cath).  Feel free to discuss your experience with the doctor, staff, hospital or the experience of your catheterization as a whole.  
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Patient Forum - effective patient communication

Patient forums are effective and provide much information to patients.  When a patient shares their previous experiences, this provides much valuable information to the patient community.  When using patient forums, be truthful and share experiences that you feel another patient or future patient would like to know.

For this patient forum, the topics are listed above.  You must register to post.  From time to time, other cardiologists will post their experiences too.  This also provides valuable patient information.  Many patients are scared when its time to have a heart procedure performed.  Remember the first time you experienced a coronary angiogram?  Did the doctor explain to you what you were going to feel?  What to expect from the coronary angiogram? How about the risks involved in such an invasive test?

How about when you experienced an atrial fibrillation ablation?  Was the doctor caring? Was the atrial fibrillation procedure explained to you in full detail?  Did you feel prepared for your procedure?

These are all burning questions for all heart patients.  When patients communicate on patient forums, it creates an awareness to the patient community.  Keep in mind, cardiologists are very busy physicians.  Sometimes we may seem short or in a hurry.  However, this does not mean you should show up on procedure day not knowing what to expect.  Patient forums are too infrequent and almost seem taboo. It is not.  Allowing you to share your heart procedure experience on a patient forum is encouraged here.

You may also post a question, and I will personally answer.  I will attempt to provide an accurate and unbiased answer.  Heart procedures are scary, and cardiologists should make it a point to make patients feel at ease.

Please refrain from using patient or physician identifying features in your comments.